Building Character One Step At A Time

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are committed to being a positive role model for boys.

Demonstrate a commitment to the program and its goals.

Are encouraging & supportive.


STRIDE teams are coached by trained volunteers - parents, teachers, college students, even community members - who are looking for a way to become a positive role model to our youth.  Coaches do not have to be runners.  They simply have to be adults who

"When the season wraps up I find myself bereft of the opportunity to spend the afternoon 
watching these guys do something incredible.  I have coached other sports and been involved in 
dozens of activities as a parent, none of them has made this big an impact on me or my family.  
My wife cries when our runners cross the finish line, and she's not alone.  
I say it every season...I get more out of this than the kids do."
~ Will W.  STRIDE Coach ~

Coaches are required to participate in a complimentary 3 hour training and are required to follow the curriculum and use the materials that are provided to deliver the program.   CPR certification is required for at least one coach per team.  Coaches are provided with ongoing support throughout the course of the season and receive complimentary registration into the season end 5K.  Coaching a STRIDE team is an exceptionally rewarding opportunity.  To find a STRIDE chapter near you and find out more about coaching, visit our FIND A LOCAL CHAPTER page to contact the chapter nearest you.